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These are personal photographs from the archives of Louis Mercier (French actor, first Normandie Towers Manager, 1923) who was the first resident manager of Normandie Towers in the 1940’s.

Many of the photos are either tintypes or made from Louis’s camera and not ever seen till now. Most are personally signed by Hollywood legends and include Mary Pickford (in long gown), Douglas Fairbanks Sr. several fabulous tintype photos autographed personally to Louis. Adolf Menjou, Billy Flirte, Nigel Bruce, the fabulous Gertrude Astor, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. apparently at the opening ceremony of his studios, Edward G Robinson, Sydney Toller (Charlie Chan), a very young Humphrey Bogart & his beautiful bride Lauren Bacall, Carol Bruce, Claudette Colbert, Lupe Valdez, Fairbanks on horseback. There were at one time many horse stalls, today the horse rails in the center courtyard are preserved.

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