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Charlie Chaplin’s Landmark Apartments Normandie Towers 


   The best description in one sentence I can give you is stepping back in time nearly 100 years, to a more peaceful era in California history. In 1923 this was the sole building in the entire West Hollywood neighborhood. Orange trees abounded from La Brea Ave on the East to LA Cienega on the West and from Hollywood Blvd on the North to nearly everything to the South!


   Chaplin’s Studios on La Brea was the other single structure standing built in 1917.

Although a fifteen-minute walk Chaplin preferred horseback, back and forth and please note in the central courtyard a few of the horse ties, (black chains). When I purchased Normandie Towers in 1969 all the original horse ties were at the front of the building, sadly removed over the decades for I guess, souvenirs. Please see the photo of Douglas Fairbanks Sr on horseback in front of Chaplin Studios.


   Residing at Normandie Towers has its drawbacks though and please do note: although I have replaced most of the water pipes the pressure is still slow. In 1923 there was no Internet, TV, and electric demanding appliances or computers. Even as I have over the decades replaced much of the electric lines and power boxes you can’t expect to run a sophisticated office in your unit. There are no garbage disposals and please be careful what is flushed down the toilets. In 1923 there was no such thing as wall insulation! When I went to repair a wall in one of the units I was shocked to see what was used for insulation then: newspapers! So PLEASE be respectful of your neighbor after ten or eleven at night.

Please click the link below for more pictures of our complex:


Normandie Towers West Hollywood Pinterest

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